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After The Silence band June 2016

After The Silence (founded in 2000, but as a 6 member band actually in active service on several stages since 2002) brings melodic hardrock with sympho / progressive / classic Rockinfluences, and among others even a little part of Gothic, although the music of After The Silence doesn't contain classical voices and the singer doesn't wear black dresses at all. In fact the music of After The Silence contains so many different styles, so their music can't be reduced to one single musical style. That's why the music probably speaks up to many people from different population groups and different ages.

The music mainly surprises many people “live” every time in a very positive way. A lot of people think they have to do with just another ” Gothic band, and when ATS starts to play it’s very obvious that the band is not.

The music defines a combination of influences from the 80’s and nowadays music.
A heavy stage sound, melodic guitarparts, a female singer with a rocksound. And even if the band plays a ballade or a song that tends a little bit more to trash metal….the sound of the band always obvisiously will be ATS.

As well the demo “Weary Angels Heart”, the studio mini cd “Final Fantasy” and as well the 4-track demo “Tower of Souls” got many positive response, by the way of reviews and radio airplay. Several radio stations paid attention to the band by the way of playing tracks, interviews and/or live sessions, like for example “Come on feel the noise” – SWY radio, Helemaal Goud - Radio Westland, Live-a-live – WOS Radio, Going Underground – Gouwestad Radio, Headbangers FM, Rock The Block – Baarn FM, Stage – WOS Radio, TNT – Radio Hoekse Waard, Als Het Maar Hard is – RTV Arnhem etc.

The music from ATS got many positive reviews from among others Metalkrant, Metalfan.nl, Music Maker, Lords of Metal, Headache Magazine etc.

In the meantime the band shared their stage with acts like for example Corpse Candle, Xerpentor, Flesh Made Sin, Pluis & de Struikrovers, Zone, Sanity, Moneypower, Wastelands, Purple Rainbow, de amerikaanse progrock band “All Too Human”, de Nederlandse Gothic band “DELAIN” (van ex-Within Temptation toetsenist Martijn Westerholt), Icaros, Cutting Daisy, Antubis, Lágrima, Calibern, Elizium, Ulysses, Non-Divine, The Loo, Conorach, Cult Ellifex and many others.

After The Silence
Ingrid van den Hof-van den Berg (Leadvocals)
Willem van den Hof (Guitars)
Ardy van Breemen (Guitars)
? (Keyboards)
Ron Vielvoye (Drums)
Gerard Boekhoud (Bass)